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We offer two kinds of dental braces at Dental Care Partnership

Fixed braces - These are individually fixed to the teeth with a special glue and therefore cannot be removed by the patient. This type of brace is used when the teeth are very crooked and offers the best results. Some patients (especially children) like to choose different colours on the brace to make them trendier, eg the colours of their favourite football team. Adults may wish to choose clear or ‘invisible’ braces.

Removable braces – These are very useful at moving either individual teeth or groups of teeth, for example for correcting a deep bite or widening a narrow upper jaw. As such they can be used at an earlier age than the fixed brace. This type of treatment usually precedes fixed brace treatment. The big advantage of removable braces is that they are easily cleaned.


Invisalign aligners will straighten your teeth the invisible way! An attractive smile can change everything. If you are considering Invisalign treatment in the Sutton Coldfield area and would like to book your consultation with our Invisalign Dentist or find out more about the treatment, follow the link below. Alternatively if you are interested in Invisalign for Teenagers follow the link from the next section.


Invisalign Teen

At Dental Care Partnership we also offer Invisalign Teen®, a solution specifically designed for teenagers. Invisalign braces are virtually invisible allowing even the most self-conscious of teenagers to smile with confidence throughout the Invisalign treatment process. Find out more below.

Fixed Braces by Professor Khambay


Here at Dental Care Partnership, we are fortunate to have one of the UK’s leading orthodontists here to help our patients achieve their best, straightest smile. Professor Balvinder Khambay is Academic University lead of the Orthodontic Department and Honorary Consultant Orthodontist at Birmingham Dental School. He is also Honorary Professor of Orthodontics at the Hong Kong University and the University of Leeds.

Balvinder has extensive experience in both teaching and research and has worked in collaboration with various institutions both nationally and internationally. He is also an international lecturer and examiner and has been a reviewer for European grants.


Braces Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

How long fixed brace treatment will take can depend on the following:

How crooked the teeth are. The more complicated the problem, the longer the treatment is likely to take; for example: teeth that have failed to grow into the mouth properly can take up to two years to straighten.

The type of brace. Fixed brace treatment on average will take up to 18 months compared with a removable brace treatment, which typically takes from 6-9 months.

Care of the appliance. Repeated breakages and poor cleaning of the brace will significantly delay treatment time.

Does it hurt?

The fitting of the brace is not painful. You may experience a degree of discomfort, from both the teeth and inside of the cheeks for a few days following the initial placement of the brace and subsequent adjustments.

What is life like wearing braces?

Once the brace (fixed or removable) has been fitted, visits to the orthodontist at 4-6 week intervals will be needed in order to monitor progress and have the brace adjusted. It is very important to continue regular dental health checks with a dentist to ensure that the teeth and gums remain in the very best condition throughout the treatment.

It is essential to ensure that both the teeth and the brace are kept as clean as possible. The orthodontist, dentist or hygienist will advise about the use of any special toothpastes, brushes or mouth rinses to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible during your orthodontic treatment.

We understand that your smile is a very personal thing and that it can affect your self-confidence dramatically. At Dental Care Partnership, we offer treatment options for a minimally invasive, safe and ideal path to a beautiful new smile!